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Lenin02-New member

Thu Aug 16, 2012 8:04 pm by Lenino2

All Past and Present Gamertags: Just Lenin02



How did you hear about DSG? Stalin9091

What Division and Squad are you interested in joining and why? Bomb Squad

What games do you play regularly (On any Platform)? Black Ops, MW3, and the force unleashed 2.

How many hours per week do you play? I don't know

Please state ANY previous online Clans you have been a part of: …

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Tue Jun 19, 2012 4:34 pm by DSG xNINJAx X

All Past and Present Gamertags:



How did you hear about DSG?

What Division and Squad are you interested in joining and why?

What games do you play regularly (On any Platform)?

How many hours per week do you play?

Please state ANY previous online Clans you have been a part of:

Any extra

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Deadly Soldiers Gaming Ranks Empty Deadly Soldiers Gaming Ranks

Post  DSG xNINJAx X on Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:56 pm

Creator - Owner of Deadly Soldiers Gaming. This roll is in operation by
DSG xNINJAx X taken full repsonsible for eveything. He is the original
maker of DSG.

Co-Creator - Co-Owner of Deadly Soldiers Gaming.
This is in roll by DSG xS1L3NTx X taken half-repsonsible for eveything.
He may act when they feel needed. The Co-Creator is the Creator wingman.

The President is in charge of opening new Divisions or Squads, they may
act when they feel needed and working with the Chief of Clan Operations
and the Vice Presidents.

Vice President- They are also in able
to opening new Divisions or Squads when they act when they feel needed
and working with the President and Chief of Clan Operations. Any new
squads made within his/her division must be run through the Division
Leader First.

Division Leader- The Division Leader is the
leader of one division assigned by the Chief of Clan Operations,
President and Vice President. He/She is responsible for the successful
running of the division. He/She also has full control over all
Co-Division Leader, Manger, Co-Manger, and General promotions. Any new
squads made within his/her division must be run through the Division
Leader First.
(Divison Leader must serve 8 weeks of active DSG duty before promoted.)

Leader- The Co-Divison Leader is the assistant to the Division Leader.
The Co-Divison Leader is responsible for completing any requests of the
Division leader. The Co-Division also has the right to create new squads
with the review of the Divison Leader. The Co-Divison Leader can
promote up to Manger.
(Co-Divison Leader must serve 6 weeks of active DSG duty before promoted.)

The Manger is responsible for working with all Generals to make sure
all squads are running smoothly. They help them when needed and solve
any issues the Generals can't. They focus greatly on training the
Generals below them for the responsibilities of divisional wide
leadership. At the same time, they also work on ways to make the
division better. Managers work with the Division and Co Division Leaders
to hold events and make changes that better the entire division.

The Co Managers are responsible for running two to three squads within a
DSG division. They work with all of their Generals within the squads to
make sure everything is running smooth within the squads they are over.
Co Managers are expected to keep track of all events going on within
their squads and attend them as often as possible. Generals also need to
be trained by a Co Manager so they can one day be ready for the rank

Member Ranks:

General (GEN)- is the
leading rank within a squad. General controls all procedures within his
or her squad. General can promote up to the rank of Major. General
should have a schedule set up for meetings and game nights and keeping
to that schedule. Generals need to be training all lower ranks to the
point where they can handle a higher position and take his place

1. Make sure the squad runs smoothly and effectivly.

2. Teach the major the general position.

3. Is able to allow the major to the Squad Tag.

4. Voice of the squad. The general states news and announcements through the squad tag.

5. Handles Transfers, Promotions, Demotions. these things no other rank is allowed to do without consent from the general.
(Generals must serve 5 weeks of active DSG duty before promoted.)

(MAJ)- is the General's wingman. Major must help the General run the
squad in every aspect. Majors should recruit, hold meetings and game
nights. Majors can recruit up to the rank of Captain.

1. Controls the squad under the generals supervision.

2. Train the CPT's to do the major job so when the major gets promoted they can then become a major.
(Majors must have served 4 weeks of active DSG duty before promotion.)

Captains(1-4) (CPT) - are very important ranks in the DSG squad. They can promote up to Lieutenant.


1. 25+ recruits

2. Must be picked out of all the LT's to get this rank and show great loyalty and leadership.


1. Leading Recruiter

2. Leaders of teams / Must pick thier co-leader

3. Make sure the LT's are doing thier jobs and doing them correctly.

4. Train the LT's to become a CPT someday. In order to move up as a CPT to a Major you must have a LT to take your spot.

5. Learn to handle small situations such as fights between lower ranked members, bitching or complaining or squad events.

6. Must Host Meetings

7. Must record meeting mins during the squad meetings and officer meetings. ALSO record them on the forums.
(Captains must serve up to 3 weeks of active DSG duty before promotion.)

this rank, you are the top dog, of all the basic DSG members. You
control who gets promoted up to the rank of Master Sergeant.


1. Must be picked out of all the MSGT to become this rank.

2. Must have at least 15+ recruits

3. Must show potential leadership


1. Must host squad practices

2. Co-Leaders of teams

Train all MSGT - RAW, Show them how the squad and DSG is ran and what
we are about. Also teach them how to recruit and what a verified
recruiter is in detail.

4. Encourage name changes

Recruit, make sure you are training the lower rank mems to take your
spot so you can be promoted. In order to get a promo you must have
someone to take your spot as an officer. So it is your duty to make sure
this happens.

6. Help lower rank mems get promotions and
encourage promotions. If you lead them to promotions, you are showing
great signs of leadership.
(Lieutenants must have served at least 2 weeks of active duty within DSG before promotion. )

Sergeant- As a Master Sergeant, you are responsible for being very
social within DSG. You should be meeting up with DSG members of your
game type and have many game nights with whoever you can find on. You
should also be helping lower ranks and introducing new members to other
DSG members. Master Sergeant should be achieving 1-2 recruits on a daily

Sergeant- This rank can is achieved by changing your name
or recruiting 6 members into DSG. Sergeants should act as an example to
all lower ranks and help all DSG members in need. Sergeants need to be
on good terms with higher-ups within your squad and start the training
process with them. A sergeant should be getting 1 recruit daily.

Corporals are responsible for attending all meetings and game nights as
possible. Corporals are also responsible for staying active and posting
on the DSG Forums. At this rank, you should be considering what you
would like to change your gamertag to. Corporals should have a DSG
history of 2-3 recruits and obtain the Honor Code and read it to a
higher officer.

To become a Private First Class- At this rank,
you are responsible for attending meetings/practices and game nights as
much as you can. You are also expected to recruit 2+ of your friends or
recent players.

Private (PVT)- Has showen that this person wants
to be involved with the squad/community by getting 1+ recruits, signed
up on the site/forums, active in meetings/practices for a week+

Recruit (RAW)-This is the first official rank in DSG. All new members
should be recruited into DSG as this rank. Recruited into the
squad/community as a trial member. Raw Recruits are responsible for
following the person who recruited them until they have ranked up. Your
recruiter will help you in DSG.

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